Should Buildings Like This Be Demolished?

 Cornwall Council Planning Application Reference PA 12/03967

 Pragmatically, we accept that the Brookdale Hotel is a typical building of its era and perhaps of modest architectural quality. However, in this age of sustainability we question whether its demolition will enduce something better in its place? The Brookdale Hotel (above) has a distinct character, is in keeping with its neighbours and sits in context of the area in general. It is not iconic as such, but does have a local distinctiveness and is situated on the edge of a conservation area.

The Council of the Cornish Buildings Group have requested that developers consider reusing, what appears to be, a very serviceable building. Furthermore, if conversion/ conservation is not an option we question how good any replacement buildings will be? We feel that references should be made between the existing architecture and those of any potential new build. We hope that the local character of Tregollls Road will be maintained, and not compromised by an alien structure that boasts little aesthetic or material quality nor compliments the area.

 We feel that buildings of this type should at least have serious consideration given to re-use. 

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