Wind Energy and the Historic Environment.

The Cornish Buildings Group does not, as yet, have a policy on wind turbines placed in an historic setting however we reserve to comment on an application for the Port Quin turbine (PA11 08573) that has a diverse affect on the sense of place. In this case we feel that the wind turbines planned are wholly unappropriate. We believe that the setting at Port Quin buildings will be severely compromised by this turbine, thereby damaging the character of the AONB, and to the enjoyment of the amenity of the coastal footpath. We feel that this area should be preserved and that the settings of historic buildings at Port Quin, Trelights and Doyden Head be retained. We object based on scale of turbine and visual dominence, its intervisability on the historic setting which despite its reversibility will create a lasting scar on this wonderful site.
NB April 2012 Planning refused .

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